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Angel Blessings


Emily Tsui
Angel Blessings

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Baby & Kids

Waste Materials

Yoghurt Pots


The Angel Blessings is a multi-coloured LED lights with some little angels which are made out of Nestle Munch Bunch yogurt containers. Each angel is made out of one yogurt bottle. It is a nice product to enhance and brighten your house. The total length of Angel Blessing is 200cm long, with 20 LED light bulbs and 4 different colours. The dimension of each angel is: H10.5cm x W6.5cm x D6.5cm

Materials & Equipment List

- 12 emptied Nestle Munch Bunch yoghurt bottles
- a multi coloured LED light
- a scalpel - a pair of scissors
- a marker pen
- a hole puncher
- a glue gun.

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Step 1: Cut out the bottom of the bottle using a scalpel.
Step 2: Cut the bottle in half, but not to damage the top circle of the bottle.
Step 3: Cut out half of the side of the bottle, by following the line that shown on the photo above. After that,you will have a side with a ring on and one without.
Step 4: Take the side that without the ring, to make the dress of the angel. Refine the edges and make it neat and even.
Step 5: Using a hole puncher to cut out some semi-circles on one of the side, in order to make some patterns for the angel's dress.
Step 6: Cut the 2 sides of the angel
Step 7: Using the part which with the ring on top. Cut that in half as the photo shown above.
Step 8: Cut it into thin strips
Step 9: Using the left materials to cut out a star shape (or other shapes that you like), then sticks it onto the angel's hands carefully using a glue gun.
Step 10: Stick the hair, the head and the body of the angel together using a glue gun.
Step 11: Apply some glue onto the inside part of the angel
Final Angels on the light string
Final Angels lit
Close up of Angel
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19-03-2012 22:24:00
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Emily Tsui


United Kingdom

A BA (Hons) Product Design student at NTU, UK...

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