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TEDS:The Eco Slipper


Paul Everest
TEDS:The  Eco Slipper

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Baby & Kids

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TEDS are Eco Slippers which have been cleverly made from old Teddy Bears. The product is easy to make and is a fun and practical reuse of childrens old soft toys, giving them a new lease of life. The slippers can be made from any pair of equal sized teddys (making sure that they are large enough to fit the child foot in, and an old cotton t- shirt, or an old pair of socks).

Materials & Equipment List

- Two old soft toys (of equal size) and big enough to fit your childs foot in.
- An old cotton t-shirt.
- A needle and thread.
- One pair of scissors.
- One ruler.
- A pen.

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

To make your pair of TEDs, you will need two matching or equally sized soft toys, an old cotton shirt or t-shirt, a needle and thread, a pair of scissors a ruler and a pen.
Cut an incision into the top of the two soft toys. The hole must be large enough for a foot to enter.
Remove all the stuffing from the toy. Remove, also any  other parts from the toy that might obstruct when the toy is made into slippers. Parts like arms and legs can be attached again later to give decoration and add fun/humor to the product.
Sew together the holes created from step 3. It is advisable to sew the toy inside out to achieve a cleaner finish.
Draw out two correct sized feet templates from an old cotton t-shirt, example shown above. Alternatively use an old pair of socks and move onto step 7.
Using the templates from the insole that you are drawn out, stitch together to create a fitted sock.
Reinsert an appropriate amount of stuffing back to create the required slipper shape and then carefully sew the insole boots/socks into place.
The final pair of TEDS. Fun, practical and easy to make eco slippers made from old soft toys.
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31-05-2012 00:00:00
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