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We are very excited to be able to share with you our secondlife packaging innovation work for Nestlé, which has hit the shops and available to buy - just in time for Easter! Image: ©Co-oproduct CIC 2017. New Smarties Hen House Easter Confectionary pack developed by Co-oproduct CIC. Over a year ago, we began designing sustainable design concepts for secondlife packaging solutions for both Nestlé Smarties and Milkybar. From a number of sustainable concepts, Nestlé chose our secondlife puppet show innovations, for the launch of their new Smarties and Milkbar 2017 Easter Confectionary Range. Image: ©Co-oproduct CIC 2017. Main profile views…
Thursday, 09 June 2016 09:07

Graypants: Scraplight White Series

Written by Jamie Billing
Spotted during New York Design Week 2016, the Scraplight white series is a collaboration between the Graypants Seattle and Amsterdam studios and builds on previous work by the team of 'Problem Solvers' whose work crosses Product and Architecture. Graypants Scraplight White Series from Graypants on Vimeo Using custom FSC-certified paper, produced from forests that replant more trees than they harvest. The Scraplight white series are an elegant and contemporary development of the original ScrapLights range. In their own words, Graypants say that they finally achieved the bright, modern glow that they always imagined from the original collection: The crisp translucency perfectly contrasts…
In this ode to design renegades, Alice Rawsthorn highlights the work of unlikely heroes, from Blackbeard to Florence Nightingale. Drawing a line from these bold thinkers to some early modern visionaries like Buckminster Fuller, Rawsthorn shows how the greatest designers are often the most rebellious.
Thursday, 28 April 2016 10:10

Disrupting Design for the real world

Written by Jamie Billing
Partial disassembly of toaster for sustainable design workshop at Plymouth College of Art ©PCA   Material culture lies at the heart of design and there can be no question that we have a need to better understand and evolve material culture, for the common good of all people. As a society we’re currently using twice as many resources as the planet can sustain and I believe that all practicing product designers should be adjusting their working methods to use the resources available to us more responsibly.   Our Making Futures Conference (Beijing) ©PCA   In my experience, the commercialisation of…
Interesting article discussing Jamie Billing's educational work with Autodesk Sustainability Workshop, focussing on why design students should take products apart: The Core Toaster Concept by Joe Parker Jamie Billing is a designer, academic and researcher. He is Technical Director of Multi Award-winning Co-oproduct CIC and Programme Leader in Design at Plymouth College of Art.  
Did you know that you can publish your sustainable, ethical, open, design work or writing (essays, dissertations, rants) on for free? Just go to It only takes a minute and all we need is a PDF file. We will read it and if it's relevant and good enough, we will publish it in our database and share it with regular visitors from 139 different countries.
Following last years' Sustainable City Award, Co-oproduct CIC feature as an Inspirational Case Study in a new book by Greenleaf Publishing, "Sustainable Cities, Inspirational Case Studies". The feature spans 8 pages outlining our mission and other areas of our work, including images of projects, competitions that we run and our community work in schools. As well as Co-oproduct, there are many other award winners featured, all working hard to achieve sustainable practice in our cities. Projects featured in 2nd image: -'Plastic Bag Mesh Dress' by Naomi Andrews, Chloe Bampton, Annie Edgerton. Photography: Life Photographic | Makeup - Clare Newman  |…
Monday, 30 March 2015 15:28

Welcome to Mariale

Written by Jamie Billing
We are delighted to welcome Dr Mariale Moreno as the new member of the Co-oproduct Team. Dr Mariale Moreno is a research fellow at Nottingham Trent University. She collaborates at the UK INDEMAND Centre, an inter-university research project between industry and academic partners. Her work focuses on consumer behaviour and business opportunities towards reducing energy and material demand in different sectors. Mariale’s research interest are on the circular economy, sustainable consumption and production, fostering new business models through innovation, and consumer behaviour. She completed her PhD at Loughborough University on User-Centred Design and Sustainable Consumption. Prior to this she studied…
Co-oproduct is very proud to be short-listed for two categories in this year's RSA accredited Sustainable City Awards for their "Closed Loop: 3D Printing from Plastic Packaging Waste" project in collaboration with Nestlé Research and Nottingham Trent University. The Awards Ceremony will be held in Mansion House London on the 23rd March and hosted by entrepreneur, TV personality, and conservationist Loyd Grossman. Image ©Co-oproduct CIC 2015. Early 3D print test using Pellets made from Polypropylene (PP) Packaging Waste. is an open, community-driven educational ‘hub’ which champions best practice in reuse, repair and longer life design. It was founded by designers/educators…
Monday, 09 March 2015 13:51

Join our Newsletter!

Written by Jamie Billing
The easiest way to stay up to date with our developments, is to join our newsletter. Simply go to Join Newsletter. It takes minutes - all we need is your Name and Email address!
Wednesday, 04 March 2015 23:48

Design YouTube Video Suggestions?

Written by Tracy Cordingley
Every day, we feature a new video. Have you any #Sustainable #Ethical #Open #Design YouTube videos that you think we should feature on our #cooproduct homepage and share with the design world? Let us know about them - we'll definately be interested! Tweet us: @cooproduct Email me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just add a comment below :-)
Did you know that you can publish your sustainable, ethical, open, design work or writing (essays, dissertations, rants) on for free? Just go to It only takes a minute and all we need is a PDF file. We will read it and if it's relevant and good enough, we will publish it in our database and share it with regular visitors from 139 different countries.
Friday, 27 February 2015 14:40

Plastic to Glass?

Written by Jamie Billing
How to #make #plastic drinks bottles look like #glass: See how… #cooproduct
Friday, 27 February 2015 14:34

Laminate Tesco carrier bags to make shoes!

Written by Jamie Billing
See how to #Laminate @Tesco Carrier Bags and #make a pair of cool shoes:… #cooproduct From THIS --> To THIS -->
It's free and very easy to share your #sustainable #ethical or #open #design work with 139 countries at #TakesMinutes
Every day we feature a new #sustainable #ethical or #open #design YouTube video. Let us know if you've anything you think we should share? #cooproduct Today, we're featuring 1 OBJET EN 1 MINUTE by @Pierre_LOTA
Sunday, 22 February 2015 00:45

Ember: Autodesks' new open-source 3D Printer

Written by Jamie Billing
It was only a matter of time before Autodesk developed their own open source 3D Printer; 'Ember'. According to Autodesk, "Ember uses digital light stereolithography to create complex objects with a level of detail and surface smoothness that extrusion printers simply can’t match. This opens new design possibilities for 3D printed components, prototypes, medical devices, art and jewelry. With a 10 micron minimum layer thickness, Ember can even be used for nano-biology."  Ember in the middle of a print. Via GIGAOM | credit: Signe Brewster As the developers of the fantastic free 123D Design software, which allows anyone to take…
Research focusing on Washing Machines by Nottingham Trent University explores how current models of consumption are not sustainable, as even the best recycling systems use energy through transport and remanufacturing. Image via NTU The study was undertaken by NTU's UK INDEMAND centre, Led by Professor Tim Cooper who is also Head of NTU's Sustainable Consumption Research Group and highlights how more sustainable forms of consumption might not be about buying new products... Read the original article here.
Thursday, 12 February 2015 15:20

Design for Repair: Improving Product Lifetime

Written by Jamie Billing
In my academic role as a Senior Lecturer in Product Design at NTU, I've just finished running a Design for Longerlife project with Second Year BA (Hons) Product Design students at NTU. We kicked the project off with a one day exercise that required the students to disassemble a cheap Toaster or Kettle, costing no more than £10. We introduced the students to AutoDesks' Sustainability Workshop 'Design for Product Lifetimes' guidance materials to appraise the Toasters & Kettles, in an attempt to imagine improvements we could make (since we wanted people to be able to repair or upgrade these types…
Monday, 26 January 2015 13:13

New Co-oproduct website live today

Written by Jamie Billing
After over 2 years in development our new website is live today. Thanks to the team and particularly Andy (our developer) for working so hard to get the site ready and online. We're overjoyed to be able to finally switch on our new site for you all to see - it hasn't been easy. We are a small team and it's been a huge project working on something as large as this. Since we first launched in 2012, we've been blessed with a considerable global audience with all types of people visiting us from 139 different countries of the…
Tuesday, 13 January 2015 16:02

Co-oproduct work is The Guardians' Sustainable 'favourites'. Featured

Written by Jamie Billing
The Guardian (Sustainable Business) has selected 2 projects from Co-oproduct CIC Members as 'favourites' for their "circular economy inspired Christmas gifts - in pictures" feature. The Projects are both Nottingham Trent University students: Cyclehangers by Oliver Staiano Egg Carton Trinket Bowl by Sophie Fois Well done for sharing such great projects Oliver and Sophie. You can see the original article here:
Well it was only a matter of time! The first house in Britain to be made entirely from waste. A live research project based at the University of Brighton, Britains waste house is made almost entirely from rubbish, including 4,000 video cassettes, 2,000 used carpet tiles and 20,000 toothbrushes! As reported by the guardian, "As the cost of raw materials continues to rise, the UK’s first A rated energy-efficient building made from waste, may be the first of many". Watch this space!
V. pleased our #FashionFromWaste project with #ntu Fashion Students made it @guardian…
Friday, 18 April 2014 22:15

City of London awards Co-oproduct

Written by Tracy Cordingley
Co-oproduct CIC "Awarded in recognition of outstanding effort in working towards a sustainable future". We're very proud to have reached the shortlist for 2 categories in RSA City of London Sustainable City Awards in presence of Rt. Hon. The Lord Mayor of The City of London, Alderman Fiona Woolf CBE. The Awards Ceremony took place on 27th March at Mansion House, City of London and these represent our third and fourth awards in less than 8 months!
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Design for Repair: Improving Product Lifetime

Design for Repair: Improving Product Lifetime

In my academic role as a Senior Lecturer in Product Design a...

Publish your writing or design on Co-oproduct... for free!

Publish your writing or design on Co-oproduct... f…

Did you know that you can publish your sustainable, ethical,...

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