Tracy Cordingley

Tracy Cordingley

I am Creative Director & Co-Founder of Co-oproduct. I'm interested in new technological developments and the changing inter-disciplinary boundaries of the product design profession. Over recent years I've become particularly interested in Open Design and the potential these new community-based models have to reshape traditional working methods and practices of design. You can find out more about me in our 'About Us' pages.

Co-oproduct/Future Factory ReUse Away Day

The Future Factory team at NTU vacated their desks and headed to the workshops for a Co-oproduct Upcycling Day. Starting with a collection of everyday packaging waste materials the team created a number of reuse items, including a clock and earrings made form milk bottles, a cereal box chandelier, a paper basket and a lace lamp. All of the projects are to be featured on the Co-oproduct website and come with full Make-It-Yourself instructions of how to make them.

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Sarah Turner's Coca Cola Olympic installations revealed

The lighting and sculpture made by Co-oproduct's Project Guardian, Sarah Turner for the Cola Hospitality Centre at the Olympic Park are finally revealed. The commission consists of 5 huge 2 metre wide lights which use 190 plastic bottles each!

There is also a huge sculpture, 9 metres tall made from reusing thousands of pieces of waste bottles and cans!! What a brilliant example of how otherwise packaging waste can be used as both the source of raw materials and as a design tool, to create something innovative and very special. Congratulations Sarah!

Co-oproduct hosts launch event and opens ReUse Exhibition

 Designers, practitioners and educators from a varety of different subject areas, came together to celebrate a common passion for Creative ReUse, at Co-oproduct's launch event. Hosted by Nottingham Trent University and supported by NTU's Future Factory, Co-oproduct founders Jamie Billing and Tracy Cordingley shared their passion and vision for the Co-oproduct project.

The event was marked by the opening of a permanent ReUse exhibition at the University which showcases a selection of ReUse products from the Co-oproduct website.

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