Tracy Cordingley

Tracy Cordingley

I am Creative Director & Co-Founder of Co-oproduct. I'm interested in new technological developments and the changing inter-disciplinary boundaries of the product design profession. Over recent years I've become particularly interested in Open Design and the potential these new community-based models have to reshape traditional working methods and practices of design. You can find out more about me in our 'About Us' pages.

Co-oproduct @ The National Centre for Craft and Design

Co-oproduct is very pleased to be invited to exhibit a selection of it's members Reuse projects at The National Centre for Craft and Design, the largest space in England dedicated to the exhibition, celebration and promotion of contemporary craft and design. The exhibition is set up in the Exchange Space on the top floor of the centre and runs until 4th November 2012.

Co-oproduct/Future Factory ReUse Away Day

The Future Factory team at NTU vacated their desks and headed to the workshops for a Co-oproduct Upcycling Day. Starting with a collection of everyday packaging waste materials the team created a number of reuse items, including a clock and earrings made form milk bottles, a cereal box chandelier, a paper basket and a lace lamp. All of the projects are to be featured on the Co-oproduct website and come with full Make-It-Yourself instructions of how to make them.

Earrings11 Earrings02 Box13

Sarah Turner's Coca Cola Olympic installations revealed

The lighting and sculpture made by Co-oproduct's Project Guardian, Sarah Turner for the Cola Hospitality Centre at the Olympic Park are finally revealed. The commission consists of 5 huge 2 metre wide lights which use 190 plastic bottles each!

There is also a huge sculpture, 9 metres tall made from reusing thousands of pieces of waste bottles and cans!! What a brilliant example of how otherwise packaging waste can be used as both the source of raw materials and as a design tool, to create something innovative and very special. Congratulations Sarah!

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