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tom ditton

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Waste Materials

Detergent Bottles


This multi-coloured LED mood lamp has been designed around the re-use of a Fairy Detergent Gel bottle. The top of the bottle where you would measure the right amount of detergent is now the on/off switch for the lamp. As it is soft you are able to press it down with ease. The base of the bottle has been cut off at an angle and placed on a new base made from geluton. The reason for the angular cut is to create a more aesthetically pleasing look. The colour changing LED light mounted inside changes colour every few seconds and changing to a variety of colours.

Materials & Equipment List

Fairy Detergent Gel BottleGeluton wood LED colour changing lightLamp holder2 wire connectors 2 metre 3-core cable Plug Switch Spare wire 2 brackets Double sided sellotape

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Mark and cut out the base to size (3 pieces of base
For the middle and top pieces of the base, mark out where to cut in the middle for space for brackets (middle) and space for bottle (top)
Drill holes inside the marked area of the two pieces and using a hegner saw cut the centre out
Round the edges of all the pieces of the base to the same radius to make more attractive, using a belt sander and sandpaper to finish
Glue the bottom two pieces of the base together using PVA glue and a G clamp to hold in place
Make holes on the bottom piece of the base (inside the cut out centre of the middle piece) for the brackets to hold the bottle down
Varnish the now two pieces of base three times each to create a nice finish. You can use any standard wood varnish. Spray and leave to dry, and then re-spray
Cut the bottom of the bottle at a desired angle to make a nicer effect using a razor saw. Then smooth the edges off using sandpaper
Take off the lid of the bottle and using screws and a screwdriver, screw the switch to the top, in the centre
Using a drill make holes on the top for where the live and spare wire will follow through to be attached to the switch
Using a drill, make holes on either side of the bottle for two brackets which will hold the bottle to the base
Wire the cable to the plug and through the base and bottle and then connect to the rest of circuit
Stick the lamp holder to plastic rod using sellotape and using the double sided tape on the rod stick to the inside of the bottle to hold in place
Using a screwdriver screw the brackets to the bottle and then down to the base to hold the lamp in place so it is sturdy
Put double sided tape on the bottom of the top piece of the base and place over bottle onto the rest of the base
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31-05-2012 00:00:00
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