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Can laptop case


Jake Clout
Can laptop case

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Waste Materials

Drinks Cans


The Can laptop case is made from recycled, flattened Coca-Cola drinks cans and can be of any brand desired. They are flattened out and fixed together to form the shape for the case. This could not just be used for a laptop it could also be used for an ipad of other interactive touch pads. Life with can is limitless.

Materials & Equipment List

Coca-Cola Drinks cansPop rivetsCorrugated cardInner lining material (fake fur or other likeness)Strong double sided tapeFill-a-gap glueStanley knifeScissors

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Take the Stanley knife and pushing into the can all the way around cut the bottom off
Using scissors cut the top of the can off trying to ensure theta the main wording and body does not get cut or bend too much
Cut the can in half along the print line on the can as this will keep it straight and leave the main text in-tacked
Cut the excess material off the top and bottom of the can leaving a straight edge trying to keep as close to the fold line on the can as possible. You will need to complete these processes for the amount needed.
Once all cut use an iron on the hottest setting with the steam turned off. Using the towel underneath pull it upwards move the iron with and and lower the towel back down moving the iron with it. Complete these steps 3 times or so. Turn can round and complete steps again. If bend in other direction then turn over and complete the steps one or until flat
Line the can up in the pattern needed. This will give you an idea of how the will be over lapping. For a 13inch macbook it needed 20 cans.
Take the first can and using the fat symbol as a guide of how might to have the overlapping can drill a hole just below it for the rivet.
Using the rivet gun starting on the right hand side rivet the cans together making sure that the overlapping can are all riveted together. Make sure that you leave the left hand edge without a pop rivet and tape them with double sided tape instead
Using some pilers cut of as much excess rivet as possible ensuring that you do not take off to much
Draw around the outside of the computer on to the corrugated card and cut out the card. Place double sided tape on both sides of the card as shown for sticking later.
Using you chosen fabric place the card on to it draw around and allow an 10mm gap around the edges so that the fabric an be overlapped to for the inner casing for the lap top. Stick the card down on the cans, take the fabric and stick to the other side of the card with the tape that is already stuck on. Place the lop to on to the material in light with the card and place the top piece of card on top with the fabric already stuck on
Over lap any excess and stick on top. Stick down the outer edges with tape or fabric glue and ensure it is nice and tight.
Un peel the top of the tape and pull the cans on top of it making sure that the ingredients is stuck down first then pull the other side over making sure you have a firm seal. Using the zap a gap glue stick any part that haven't stuck down this will most likely be some of the top flap
To seal the end cut small slits on the side of the case and then fold in the sides like a present. You will then need to pull the top flap over and stick town with a mixture of zap a gap glue and double sided tape.
Any lose or gaps that can be seen using the zap a gap glue to stick them down.
For the lid you will need to flatten 3 can and stick them together as shown with the double sided tape. Have the tap no higher then the saturates symbol
Line up the cans on top allowing for about a cans width space for it to be stuck down. Using some tape mark the where the can will stop and also where the front of the case is.
Using double sided tape stick the lid onto the main body of the case using the guide line that you set to help you with putting it in place.
Using some small Velcro stickers place one on each corner and one in the middle so that is keeps the lid shut. Close the lid with he hook pat stuck on the lid top so that when you close it they all line up.
The product is then complete with Velcro stickers on there.
Final piece
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20-03-2012 19:15:01
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