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Complete Collection - CycleHangers


Oliver Staiano
Complete Collection - CycleHangers

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The set of all three hangers.A set of coat hangers created from parts of a bike. A constructive and unique way to hang up your clothes. And you can make them all yourself.If it was to go into production the hangers would be made from the whole of the bike, utilizing all the parts possible. For this set, 3 have been made. One from part of the wheel, one from the handlebars and the third from the main frame. The metal from the wheel and frame is complimented with wood finishing.Individual products in the range include 'HandleBar', 'Wheel' and 'Frame'.

Materials & Equipment List

MaterialsMaterial specifications across all three hangers;Disused BMX bike frame and wheel; sourced from local Beeston skipIroko Wood; can be sourced from SL Hardwoods Ltd ( wood; can also be sourced from SL Hardwoods Ltd Nuts and bolts; taken from the bikeMetal Hooks; Made from spokes from the wheelsBeeswax; sourced from local DIY shops Processes usedCutting; Hacksaw- can be bought from local DIY shops (it is possible that all cutting is done this way by hand, but to speed up the process, Band saw can be used)Band saw cutting

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

So you have an old bike. First thing you need to do is cut the handlebars off. Use a hacksaw. Cut the two vertical bars 35mm above horizontal bar
Next use electrical tape to tape around areas of the bar to create a pattern when sandblasted. Use any pattern you please.
Use a sandblasting machine to strip the paint from the frame. This will also remove most small chips and dirt.
Take the tape off to unveil your pattern. Picture also shows where parts have been taken from.
Measure and cut a piece of 19mm dowel 60mm long. Use a Bandsaw. Insert each into the two vertical bars and use a disc sander to sand them horizontal.
Create a wooden bar to lay across the two dowel pieces. Iroko wood is being used here. Feel free to use whichever type wood you please. Sand well.
Connect the bar to the dowel pieces using PVA glue.
Next to create the ends. Using a lathe turn a piece 30mm diameter x 45mm using Iroko wood. The pattern is up to you, here stripes are used.
Use a 25mm Forstner to drill a hole in the centre of the lathed piece you have created. 30mm deep.
Sand the finished pieces well. Then slot them onto the sides.
Use a 3mm Metal drill bit to drill through both the wooden bar and the frame. Use a block of wood in-between these two to ensure strength of the top bar.
Use 3mm welding rod to bend a hook shape by hand. You can use pliers to help.
Wax the wooden components with Bees Wax.
Cut the hook to size and slot through the hanger. Use nuts from the bike to hold in place. Secure these together with PVA glue.
Here is your finished MIY BMX Hanger! Photo showing clothes hanging from it.
Complete collection.
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18-03-2012 21:55:00
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