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The Shredded Collection "Legs"


Simon Wilsher
The Shredded Collection "Legs"

Project Type




Waste Materials

Shredded Paper
Reclaimed Furniture


A stool created from upcycled timber and shredded paper, cast in Bio Resin.

Materials & Equipment List

Materials with sources and costs:Top: Polyester Resin Graham Robert Plastics Ltd, Nottingham 1.2kg (

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

After sourcing / collecting three interesting chair or stool legs. Clamp securely to the guide and cut with saw, saw table or band saw cutting to the same length.
Repair any imperfections, for example screw holes or chips then sand / wire wool to remove any dirt and grime, leaving as much varnish and character as possible.
Create a 320mm diameter circular template out of card to help with placement of the legs. Draw the circle using a compass and cut out with scissors.
Arrange the legs evenly in a triangle on the template, draw around them. Cut shape out of scrap wood for the legs to be screwed to hold in place.
Clamp leg securely and drill on pillar drill. Drill a hole through each leg to be screwed into supporting block.
Drill matching holes in supporting block, glue/ screw together.
Laminate MDF sheet to create a 320mm by 320mm by 75mm block. Apply an even layer of wood glue to the joining surface and clamp together with g-clamps.
Cut a rough circular shape first for less work on the lathe, screw to base plate then turn your 320mm diameter circular shape, with a 30mm radius top edge.
Coat the shape with Vaseline. Mix 500g of silicone with 5% catalyst, pour over mould. Set for 6-8 hours, for second layer add some fixtropic to thicken, like icing a cake.
Dip strips of mod rock in warm water and evenly coat the mould with two layers for rigidity. Once dry remove the MDF shape leaving a silicone inner mould.
Shred your collected waste paper into 3mm strips using a standard household shredder.
Mix 250g of clear resin with a 2% catalyst and pour a thin layer into the bottom of the mould to form a clear smooth top.
Place the three joined legs in the centre of the mould.
Mix 1200g of clear resin again with a 2% catalyst and mix thoroughly with your shredded paper. Pack it firmly in the mould around the legs, filling the mould.
Allow to set and then take out of mould.  See for more details and videos on the moulding process.
Final Image "Legs"
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18-03-2012 21:54:00
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