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Sainsbury's plastic on Sprite-can Basket


Tetra Siregar
Sainsbury's plastic on Sprite-can Basket

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This is a small version basket that could be used for different purposes. The important feature of this basket is that its made by two different materials which are a Sprite can and 8 Sainsburys plastic bags. The combination of the two materials create an innovative aesthetic affect and also create a strong feature.Its use is not specified to any type of food or products with a purpose of giving the consumers freedom and excitement of choosing what this Metallic plastic fill-in is specifically for. Its light-weighted therefore it is easy to be carried around.

Materials & Equipment List

8 X Sainsburys plastic bags; two 24cm tall Sprite aluminium cans; Superglue; Chrome-coloured spray paint; sand paper; sewing thread & needle

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Draw 20 rectangle with the size of 1.5cm by 34cm on each Sainsbury
Take three strips cut off from the Sainsbury
Put a heavy book on top of the ironed edge and start braiding the three strips.
Stop 7cm before the end, and attach three other strips onto the braided ones by stitching them together. Don
Get two aluminum cans and spray them with Chrome-coloured spray paint.
Cut the upper part of both cans with a scissor, but first, make a whole with a cutter to make the process easier.
Draw lines to make 15 rectangles around the can with a width of approximately 1.3cm each. Then cut it until the bottom of the can.
Take only one of the cans and bend the 15 strips outwards in 45 degrees. Be very careful because the cans are fragile.
Sand the ends and sides of the cans to avoid sharp edges.
Take the other can, do step number 8 with it, but this time, detach the rectangles off the base of the can.
Attach one of the detach strips of can to one of the strips on the main can with a Superglue.
Stick the plastic braided strips on the inside bottom of the main can and start weaving it in and out of the main can.
After finish weaving the plastic braided strips, then bend over the left-over of the top of the can and bend it to the inside or outside of the can.
These are the side view and the top view of the product when it is finished.
Final product demonstrating contrast between 2 ReUse Materials
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19-03-2012 21:49:00
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