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Tesco Bag Shoes


Benjamin Perry
Tesco Bag Shoes

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Shoes made from Tesco plastic bags. The main body of the shoe is made from melted together Tesco shopping bags and the sole out of the inner tubing of an old bike tyre.

Materials & Equipment List

Materials:Tesco Plastic bagsBike tyre inner tubingLacesEyeletsWoolEquipment List:T-shirt pressScissorsHot glueEyelet punchDrillMarker penGrease proof paperShoe template

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Firstly you need to layer 12 plastic bags ontop of each other. You will also need a 15 layer and 20 layer pile.
Next you need to trim off the handles from the plastic bags with scissors.
Now heat your t-shirt press to around 150-170 degrees C. Then you need to put your plastic bag pile between grease proof paper to stop the plastic sticking to the press. Leave the bags under the press for 20 seconds, then turn over the bags and heat for another 20 seconds. Then remove the bags, peel off the grease proof paper and leave to cool under a flat object so the bags will set flat.
These are the components that you are going to need in order to make the shoe. The heel, sides, inner sole and tongue are to be made from a 12 bag layer sheet, the toe to be a 15 bag sheet and the sole to be a 20 layer sheet.
Then, using a shoe template, draw the various components onto the correct bag sheets. You can either print out a shoe template or alternatively use an old shoe as a template. Take the shoe apart and draw around each component. In this instance the shoes are to be size 8.
Now cut out the sections with scissors.
Now to begin on the sole of the shoe. You need to get the inner tubing of a bike tyre and cut it into four 120mm lengths. This will differ depending on the size of shoe you wish to make. Then cut along one side of the lenths of tube and flatten them out to make a rubber rectangle.
Get the recangles of rubber and lay them underneath your sole section. At this point the rubber will be wider than the sole. Cut these extended parts into tab shapes. Then fold the tabs over and glue (with a hot glue gun) them to the other side of the sole.
Do this all along the sole to completely cover it.
Next you need to drill five 4mm diameter holes 15mm apart along the top front edge of both side sections.
Now you need to attatch 5mm diameter eyelets to the holes. Do this using an eyelet punch.
Attatch the two sides and inside heel sections together. To do this, overlap the back edges of the side sections by 10mm and glue the overlap. Then glue the heel on one side in the middle of the two side sections. now you have your back piece. Finally you need to cut 10mm slits up the bottom edge of the back piece to create tabs. Fold these tabs towards the side that the inner heel is then glue the back piece to the sole.
Now attatch the toe section to the front of the sole. Do the same as you did for the back piece and cut tabs at the bottom of the toe piece. The tabs will face inside the shoe. Then glue the toe tiece to the sole. Finally, cut two slits on the top of the toe piece to create 3 sub sections.Pull the two side sections inwards over the middle sections and glue them together where they overlap.
Apply the shoe tongue by gluing it to the underside of the toe section.
Next you need to cut a strip out of the inner tubing that you used earlier. The strip needs to be 15mm thick. The length depends on the shoe size so wrap the strip around the shoe edge and cut it when it meets back round with itself. Then glue it to the shoe.
Get a round shoe lace and lace up the shoe.
Using wool from the lining of a sofa, cut out two sole shape pieces. Use the template you used for the plastic sole to draw out the shape. Cut two out for each shoe.
Then get the plastic bag inner sole and the two woolen soles and glue them together.
Finally put in the woolen sole in the shoe. For extra comfort, also put in a new or old inner sole from an actual shoe. Repeat the whole making process for the second shoe.
Here are your finished pair of Tesco Bag Shoes.
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11-10-2012 17:48:00
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