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Ripple Lamp


Gemma Noakes
Ripple Lamp

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Waste Materials

Drinks Bottles


The Ripple Lamp is a design that reuses two litre plastic bottles that we would normally just throw away. By transforming strips of the bottle into ripples you can create a decorative, upcycled design for your home. If wanted, you can add a coloured insert to the lamp to add a splash of colour!

Materials & Equipment List

MATERIALS: 4-5 two litre plastic bottles (any brand as long as the colour of plastic is clear)0.7mm craft wire (silver/grey), unused/old wire lampshade, 2 A4 sheets of coloured paper. EQUIPMENT: Scissors, Scalpel, Pliers, Pencil, Cutting mat, Candle/tealight/matches, Ruler, access to a sandblasting machine

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Collect around 4-5 2 litre plastic drinks bottles (can be any brand/make as long as the colour of the plastic is clear). Remove any labels from the bottles and try to get rid of as much of the glue as possible. If you can gain access to a workshop, sandblast all of the bottles evenly to create a frosted finish.
Using scissors and a scalpel cut off the top and bottom of the bottle and recycle these as normal. Cut up the length of the bottle along the line where the label was glued to create a sheet of plastic.
Cut along the width of the bottle to create strips of plastic that are 15-20mm in width and around 280mm long (doesn
Making sure the area you are working in is well ventilated you can start to bend your plastic strips into
Overall you want the
You then need to make 4 holes along the length of the
Thread 0.7mm craft wire through the piece making sure that the shiny side of the plastic is on the outside. Leave around 40mm excess wire either end to attach to a frame.
For the frame of the lamp you can either make one yourself or re-use an old lamp that is no longer being used. The lamp used for this project measured: 189mm diameter, 124mm height.
To attach the
You then wrap the wire around the frame again to create two loops.
Using pliers, squeeze the two loops together to secure in position. Cut any excess wire off using scissors and repeat process around the frame until you are happy with the end design.
Attach to a base of your choice, add a bulb and enjoy the new addition to your home!
If you want to add colour to your lamp, simply pick 2 sheets of A4 paper in your choice of colour and cut to 115mm width by 300mm long.
Bend the two sheets of paper into a circle which fits snug within your lamp
The funky effect it makes!
Turn on your lamp and watch the effect the
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14-11-2012 13:43:00
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