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Spindle Towel Rail


Jamie Billing
Spindle Towel Rail

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A quick and easy upcycled towel rail made from an old wooden spindle, reclaimed from the garden. Could easily be made from any length of wood, but I had the spindle lying around waiting for its second life opportunity!

Materials & Equipment List

Materials:- Wooden Spindle- 6 screws- 4 Wall plugsEquipment:- Drill- Handsaw- Claw Hammer- 1 x 6mm Wooden drill bit- 1 X 10mm Masonry drill bit- Wire wool (optional)- Sandpaper (optional)

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

To make the Spindle Towel Rail, you will need these Materials and Equipment.
Here is the wooden spindle that I used. It was part of an old wooden stair which I built from the decking to the garden. It was quite green from the weather, so I cleaned it up quickly using wire wool, then some sandpaper.
I cut the spindle, allowing the width of the timber both sides of the main body for the brackets, which I will use to fix it to the wall.
Using one of the 'offcuts' only, I cut it into two pieces. these two pieces, I will use to create a fixing to my bathroom wall.
Here's a close-up, showing the single 'offcut' divided into two.
Because I'm not measuring anything, I laid the main spindle body over the two wooden fixings. I do this to give me a template for the holes I will now need to drill.
Using the 6mm wood drill bit, I drill a hole in the center, at the end of the main spindle and straight through to the timber fixing behind. This marks the fixing behind, giving me the exact position for the screw. Do this for both ends of the spindle.
Again using the 6mm wood drill bit, now drill 2 more holes straight through the fixing in each corner, diagonally.
Do the above for both fixings and counter-sink the holes (I did this quickly using the 10mm masonry bit), as you will need to embed the screws, to create a snug fit.
Next, fix it all together, using all 6 screws. Do this to save you measuring where you want to fix it in your bathroom.
Here's how the join looks now. This is a good time to quickly sand down the wood, smoothing the joining parts.
Position the assembled rail where you want it to live and push it against the wall, using the screws to mark their own positions in the plaster. I didn't level the rail because I live in an old Victorian house and none of my walls or floors are level. My house would make a leveled rail look odd.
No template or measuring needed - the screws mark their positions in the wall.
Using the masonry bit, drill 4 holes in the wall, previously marked out by the screws.
Disassemble the rail and screw the two fixings in place.
Screw the spindle onto the fixings, using the holes that you have already drilled much earlier. Place a towel on it. No need for any varnish, it's bad for the environment and the timber will keep smooth and clean with the activity anyway!
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26-11-2012 00:11:00
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