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Decorative Milk Bottle Flower Lamp


Brighton and Hove High School
Decorative Milk Bottle Flower Lamp

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A beautiful table lamp made from plastic milk bottles, split pins and a hacked Wilko paper table lamp frame. The lamp was a group project made by 68 Year 7 girls at a Co-oproduct Upcycling event at Brighton and Hove High School.The project builds on and was inspired by Nicole Crentsils Decorative Milk Bottle Flower project see:

Materials & Equipment List

Materials: The Frame1 X Wilko Paper Table LampSteel weld rodsEquipment- Spot Welder*- Pliers- Files- KnifeSafety Equipment*goggles, boots and lab coatMaterials: The Lamp ShadeApprox 40 (4 pint or above) milk bottles (washed and labels removed)80 Split Pins

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

The first thing to do is to buy a Paper Table Lamp, as above from Wilko. This will then be hacked depending on how many flowers/rings you will be making.
Remove the paper lamp frame from the box and stretch it out. This is how it looked stretched out.
Using a knife, Carefully cut away the top and bottom section of the paper shade from the metal frame.
This is how the frame will look without the paper shade.
Decide on how many flowers you want to make and how many extra rings you will need to add to the frame. You will get approximately 16 flowers on one ring. To make the extra rings, simply measure out lengths of steel weld rods and then roll out circular sections, measuring the diameterof the cicular frrame that is already there. Then add a bar across the center of each using a spot welder.
Weld the cross bar on each circular section, and file it to clean it up.
Using a spot welder, weld the circular sections to the main existing lamp frame.
This is the final hacked wilko frame with the 7 rings with the bottom fitting attached. 7 extra rings were needed for this project as we had 68 children making roses so we needed a lot of frames. This project would also work though with 4 rings. With fitting it looked like this.
Carl from NTU workshops sprayed the frame white, so it was all the same colour.
The finished hacked wilko table lamp frame, all ready to have the milk bottle flowers attached.
Now onto the flowers...For a full tutorial of how to make the Decorative Milk Bottle flower, please visit Nicole Crentsil's listing at: the Brighton and Hove School project we had 68 children who brought in 68 milk bottles to make the flowers out of.
The first thing the children did was cut their milk bottles in half, lengthways.
Then, using a water-based felt tip pen, they drew out different shaped flower petals onto each half of the milk bottle. Then they drew out 6 petals, of different sizes.
This is an example of how you arrange the petals on the half of milk bottle. A tip is to draw some of them around the curved edges of the milk bottles so that the petals curve around naturally.
Cut out each of your 6 petals from half of the milk bottle very carefully.
Lay out all your six petals and arrange them in size order.
Using a compass pierce a small hole through the center of each petal. Then lay all the petals on top of each other putting the smallest on top to make a pretty flower. Attach the petals together using a split pin. Open the split pin so that the flowers are secure.
An example of one of the girls finished decorative milk bottle flower. Now to connect the flowers together into a string so that they can be attached to the lamp frame.
Gather together your flowers. You will need approximately 16 flowers for each ring, depending on their size.
Now you need to string the flowers together, using the split pins that are already in them. To do this, open the split pin from one of the flowers that you want to attach. Take one of the petals from the back of another flower and simply pierce the split pin from the first flower through one of the back petals from the second flower.
Use a compass again to make the holes in the petals for the split pin, and keep attaching the flowers together using the same method.
Connect approximately 16 flowers together. Measure the string around the circular lamp frame that you have made to get the correct number. You will need to connect enough flowers so that the string goes all around the circular frame.
When you have strung together the correct length of flowers, connect your lengths of flowers to your frame. Start from the bottom upwards to make it easier to connect. To connect the flowers to the frame is easy. Simply open up the split pins that are already in the flowers and wrap these around the lamp shade frame.
Connect all your lengths of flowers to all your lamp shade frames.
Keep attaching the lengths of flowers until all the frames have been covered.
The final lamp shade with all the strings of milk bottle flowers attached. The shade made here had a total of 5 rings.
The final Decorative Milk Bottle Flower Lamp
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