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Cluster Light


rahul ramji
Cluster Light

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Waste Materials

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Using up-cycled cardboard to create an ambient/decorative lighting feature.

Materials & Equipment List

Clear Tape, Masking tape, Double sided Tape, Cardboard, Craft knife, Hollow Punch set, ruler, Lighting(fairy lights)and template of net.

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Using a geometric net of a Geo-faced dome comprised of 20 equilateral triangles which are all 5cm in size. Simply draw this same pattern onto some card or a piece of paper this will act as your template.*(The 5 triangles on the outside are not used and will be removed at a later stage, these are there available if you would like the dome to be fully closed.)*
Once the template has been made it will need to be placed onto your sheet of card ready to cut.*Note also the dots marked in the centre of the template this will be the guideline used to make the holes at a later stage.*
To draw the holes for your template using a ruler measure each inner line of the pentagon each line should be 5cm. Find the centre of the line (2.5cm)and draw a line straight up to the top of the triangle. With the newly drawn line mark a line of 1cm up from the base and then 1.5cm above the mark you just made.Once all the lines are drawn on the line above the base line should be 4cm. Draw a dot 1cm away from the centre line each side. And where the top line intersects with the centre line will be another dot.
Using a hollow punch set, create a 3mm diameter hole where you have marked each dot.
Once this is done you should have something looking similar to this.
score each section of the template (MAKING SURE YOU DON'T CUT THROUGH ALL THE WAY)once scored fold each section to make it more flexible.
Once this is done it will start to resemble something like this.
Using clear tape carefully stick together each section of the dome.
Once all the section are taped together it should look something like this.
remove each excess flap if you desire and then repeat this process until you have at least three of these domes.
Here I am using 20 indoor fairy lights as my source of light due to its minimal voltage and low maintenance.
bunch six lights together and hold them together using masking tape until it looks like this.if there are some excess add these to the other bunches.
To create the base of the light and holder for the fairy lights simply draw a pentagon that has 12.5cm equal sides.
place these onto your cardboard and cut. repeat this process until you have 4 of these pentagons.
then using double sided tape stick one pentagon to another, until you have two doubled up pentagons. you will then need to cut 4.5cm diameter holes to allow the lights to go through this to help hide the tape used to the bunch the lights together aswell as making the overall design more refined.
Now that you know the lights will fit through the holes, it is time to place each dome over each light hole.
once each dome has been placed over each hole place each bunch of the light into each hole and tape down the wire outlet using clear tape. Holding the wire in position will help us to create the base with a cut out section for the wire to run through.
cut a 1.5cm hole allowing the wiring to go through giving it plenty of room to move. once this is done the lighting feature should be complete without have any tape visible all that is needed to do is using double sided tape stick together each side of the pentagon until all four are joined together.
Once this is done it should look something like this.
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05-03-2014 12:03:43
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