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Macromolecular Jacket


Group 16
Macromolecular Jacket

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Sleeveless jacket made from upcycled tent, ground sheet, crisp packets and clear plastic bags. Based on a molecular trend.

Materials & Equipment List

One recycled tent and groundsheet, crisp packets, one button and coloured thread.

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Finished Garment.
Create pattern pieces using jacket block pattern. Slash up to waist and flare out to chosen width. Cut into selected number of panels (8) and add seam allowance.Lay pattern pieces on top of materials.
Cut out the pattern pieces in the specific fabrics.
Sew together each panel, totalling 2 front, 2 side and 1 back.
Collect used plastic crisp bags and use a hot iron to re-form the texture, using grease proof paper/pattern paper to protect the iron and surface. Use a template to cut out hexagon shapes from the plastic. Making sure they
Arrange hexagons together.
Use draft of the back of the jacket and the front, to trace off an outer panel , making sure the end/bottom of the panel is parallel to the CF/CB. Check to make sure there is a 1cm seam allowance. cut out onto plain fabric to create a base.
pin the hexagons onto the base making sure, the bottom hexagons line up straight along the seam line, across the breast line. use multicoloured threads to secure the hexagons in place, using a zigzag stitch, making sure they don't rip and that they're secure.
turn the panel over and cut down edges of hexagons, so they're in line with the base. trim and loose threads.
mark 1cm seam allowance around the hexagons on the breast line, turn over ad sew with a 0.3 seam allowance. then use the multicolour threads with the zigzag stitch again to neaten up the edges
attach panels to front and back panels with a stay stitch, with a seam allowance of 0.05.
Hem the front and bottom edges of the garment but folding and pressing twice and securing with a stitch.
Collar detailing:Cut clear plastic bags into strips
Knit these strips together to acquired length.
Pin on around neckline, then attach using stitching.
Ensure knitted detailing is attached and check detailing around the garment. Not forgetting to add the button.
Macromolecular Jacket- Front Detail
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12-03-2014 18:36:00
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