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Plastic Necklaces


Jennifer Brew
Plastic Necklaces

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Jewellery & Accessories

Waste Materials

Carrier Bags
Food Packets


Statement necklaces made from layers of a range of plastics, on a wire thread.

Materials & Equipment List

Binbags, plastic wallets, plastic packaging, threads , wool, wire

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Layering a range of plastics - carrier bags , bin bags, plastic wallets.
Trapping other materials inside the plastics - such as wool.
Trapping threads inside plastic to create imagery - here abstract imagery looking at factories and landscapes.
Place plastics in-between greaseproof paper and iron - vary the length of time plastic is ironed for to achieve different effects and it will also vary depending on thickness of plastic.
End result - variety of plastics.
Cut the plastic into strips, can vary in widths.
Cut the strips into squares or rectangles - varying in size.
Place a pin through the shapes and layer.
Then use holes already made to thread plastics onto wire, with knot placed where the plastic will end on the necklace.
Can also form necklace from folding a strip of fabric in zigzag pattern and thread onto wire .
Adding detail - knot the end of the wire after the plastic of the necklace is finished and wrap some wire around.
Wrap thread around wire to create effect, tie and cut , hiding excess thread. Adds some structure for bending swell.
Necklace 1 - folded plastic strip - originally black bin bag ironed onto a white plastic bag. Ends of necklace formed into a simple loop or use bought necklace attachments.
Necklace 2 - made from ironed 'seawhite' carrier bag with thread imagery inside. Threads used as decoration on either side.
Necklace 3 - from multiple strips of white ironed plastic packaging and plastic wallets.
Necklace 4 - made from ironed black bin bags with wool trapped inside.
Necklace 5 - layers of a variety of ironed plastic packaging, wallets and some foam packaging for spacing, thread used at ends.
Necklace 6 - Layers of ironed black bin bags and clear plastic ( wallets, plastic bags) with some threads trapped inside. Cut into rectangles and thread on sides for decorative effect.
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28-02-2015 17:15:00
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Jennifer Brew


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Decorative Arts student at NTU...

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