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TapUp Hook


Luke Denby
TapUp Hook

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Fixtures & Fittings

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TapUps repurposes old taps in new products such as garment hangers and glass shelves. These products celebrate the material and craftsmanship of the tap which has been saved from the melting pot!

Materials & Equipment List

Walnut Hardwood
Hole Saws of various sizes.
Pillar Drill
Band saw
Disc Sander
Hand tools (Hack saw, Tenon saw, Chisels, Files)
Work bench with vice.
Sand paper
Battery powered drill.
Set of forstner bits
3mm screws
2 Sink taps
1 Wall tap
Toughened Glass shelf
1 Mounting plate

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

1. Cut 20mm thick wood using 70mm hole saw on pillar drill.
2. Take part out of hole saw, this wood is what you use to make the back plate for the hanger.
3. Measure 5mm of the wooden circle and cut through it using a band saw or regular wood saw.
4. On the thick section, use a 45mm forstner bit to remove the inside so there is approximately 5mm left.
5. Use a 20mm forstner bit to drill through the centre of the thick part of the circle. This will make the chamber for the tap to go into.
6. On the 5mm thin section, drill two pilot holes using the hand drill with a 2mm drill bit around 5mm in to the face of the wood.
7. Place tap nut fitting inside the thick piece making sure the thread is facing the tap insertion hole. 
8. Screw the two 3mm screws into the pilot holes drilled previously to close the case. 
9. Put another screw into the hole on the thin section of the back plate into the wall.
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08-05-2015 11:59:00
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Luke Denby

United Kingdom

I'm a Second Year Product Designer @ NTU...

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