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Bottleware Collection


Thomas Noon
Bottleware Collection

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Waste Materials

Beer Bottles


Bottleware is a collection of drinking vessel made from used beer bottles that have been broken up and reformed to create wine glass shape. This product is targeted at any person that likes a drink and likes obscure kitchen products. This product is made from used beer glass bottles (Stella, Tuborg, Becks Vier, Tiger) that have been cut, filed down and glued to create the glass.Size and Dimensions Champagne Flute/Stem Beer Glass179x65mm or 189x65mmMargarita Glass148x82mmShot Glass 118x65mm(Please remember to always use the correct safety equipment if you do MIY this Co-oproduct)

Materials & Equipment List

beer bottles (Stella, Tuborg, Becks Vier, Tiger) diamond circular sawepoxy resinhand held diamond smoothening padsandblastermasking tape flat bed grinder

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Place the bottles in water to soak, after 10 minutes remove the stickers
Then using a diamond disk cutter, cut the bottle
Then using the diamond cutter again, trim of any bumpy parts to make the cut clean
Then using the flat bed grinder you place the glass flat down on the surface you want to make smooth, and move the glass round to ensure a smooth finish.
Then do the same with the base part of the glass.
After both parts have been grinded down, you smooth down the rough edges where you drink from with a hand held diamond smoothening pad.
Then using the diamond pads you smooth down the glass base, to remove and sharp points.
Now the parts are ready for sandblasting
Where you don
Then have the glass sandblasted.
Do that process with each part of the product.
Then you remove the masking tape to reveal the frosted effect.
Then using a resin glue, spread the glue evenly around the lip of the bottle.
Then place the lip of the bottle in the centre of the base part and leave it for
Then your reused beer bottle glass is ready to use.
The final collection.
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07-12-2011 16:22:00
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