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Acerbic Rebound Garments x2


Emily Lockwood
Acerbic Rebound Garments x2

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Two garments made from plastic wallets, inspired by our group trend, Acerbic Rebound. Our aim was to include our colour palette in to our final garments.Thanks to:Life Photographic Photographer - Wayne Harker-Gill ( - Clare Newman ( - Anthony HollandModel: Agnieszka Sikorska

Materials & Equipment List

300 Plastic WalletsScissors Thread (White, Blue, Green)Spray Paint (Purple)Sewing MachinePinsGlue GunBleached Calico Layout PaperPencilRulerSet Square

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

Cut plastic wallets into thin strips, approximately 2 1/2 cm wide.
Sew down each the center of the plastic wallet strips, in a coloured thread.
Cut pattens 65cm x 35cm, add seam allowence and mark lines 2 1/2 cm apart from each other, all the way down the pattern piece.
Place the top of the plastic wallet strip onto the drawn line, on the fabric.
Fold the plastic wallet in half, over itself, so the raw edges meet at the top.
Pin the two raw edges to the fabric, on the line.
Once all the pieces are pinned along one line, sew using a straight stitch across the top of the strips. This is so it attaches the strips together and to the fabric.
Once all strips are sewn on, attach the pattern pieces together to create your final garment.
We also made a second garment, this was also constructed by plastic wallets. The first step was to cut out a pattern piece in the desired shape, ensuring 1cm was added for seam allowance.
We then pressed 1cm in from each of the long sides.
Cut the plastic wallets into strips, as shown before.
Sew a strip down the centre of the piece, using white thread.
Pin each strip to the long sides of the fabric.
Sew the strips to the garment, 1cm from the edge to ensure all of the strips are held into place.
Spray paint the bottom of the garment, ensuring it gets lighter the further up the garment it gets.
The final Acerbic Rebound Garment
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18-03-2013 10:44:00
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