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Party Popper Light


Adam Brookes
Party Popper Light

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Waste Materials


Ceiling Light made from party poppers and a paper mache sphere.

Materials & Equipment List

Materials:Party PoppersNewspaperSphere or dome shapeEquipment:Hand DrillPVA glue

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

To begin, find a sphere or 2 dome shapes
Paper mache your two dome pieces with a couple of layers of newspaper.
Find the center point of each dome shape and use a compass to mark out a pattern where each party popper will be placed.
Prepare the party poppers by chopping the end off using a scalpel or scissors. This will allows the LED lights to shine through.
Drill a hole at the center point which you have marked out. Make sure this hole is slightly larger than the rest as you will place the LED lights through it.
Push party popper through the hole.
Begin to start drilling holes on the circular line drawn using your compass, underneath your party popper at the top.
Place the party poppers in the holes that you have just drilled.
Repeat the same process of drilling holes underneath the layer of party poppers above, following the lines drawn.
Drill another hole at the top of your other dome.
Repeat as before drilling your holes in the dome and adding your party poppers.
You will end up with two domes that are completely covered in party poppers.
Turn your dome shape upside down and begin to feed the LED lights into each party popper.
Keep going until you fill each party popper with an LED light.
Fix the two dome shapes together using a strong adhesive.
Once dry hang the Party Popper light on a stand or from the ceiling.
Final product being hung
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05-03-2014 16:48:00
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