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Beautiful Destruction


Group 6
Beautiful Destruction

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Bags & Clothing

Waste Materials


A dress made from tent materials embodying the idea of a storm.

Materials & Equipment List

Tentropechiffonthreadscissorspinssewing machine

Making Instructions (Login to see the full instructions)

To start you need a bodice pattern block to create a base for the upper dress.Draw out your pattern block on a piece of paper.Draw a across the burst to create a corset style bodice and ignore the top half above the bust point.When you are happy with the shape, add 1 cm seam allowance.
Using your paper pattern cut out your corset shape in a fabric of your choice (This will form the base of the garment)On the sewing machine stitch your darts in if any then sew the left side seam leaving the right side opened.
Cut your tent to fit your corset base leaving excess fabric at the bottom. This will later help to form pleats for your bodice to give a fitted look.Stitch along the upper part.
With your garment on the stand, pin your excess fabric to form pleats
Stitch your pleats into place.
Create little loops on the right side of your bodice using strips of tent fabric.Pin them one across the other, this will form an opening to get in and out of the garment.
Stitch them in place.
Thread up your loops in a criss cross way with your rope.
Moving onto the bottom half of the garment cut out a big sheet of tent fabric.Create and pin down pleats along one half of the fabric and sewing in place.
With your garment on the stand, pin the bottom half of the garment to the corset bodice creating a volumized shape.
Sew the two garment sections together.
To keep the garment held in place attach two tent loops to the front and back of the garment.Using rope, link through the front loops and around the neck to create a halter neck style garment. Then braid the remaining rope down the spine and attach to the back loops.
Final Garment, Left side.
Final Garment, Right side detailing.
Final Garment, Front.
Beautiful Destruction Dress
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11-03-2014 12:58:00
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